What is Orgone Energy?

Imagine being surrounded by lush, awe-inspiring nature. The warmth of the sun is shining on your face, the beauty of the rich green vegetation is breathtaking, and flowers of nearly every color are visible both near and off in the distance. Standing tall and breathing deep, you hear the symphonic sound of the magnificent waterfall right in front of you. The birds are singing, and you bask in the sensation of a cool breeze passing by. Simpy put: you are in paradise. What are you feeling? Imagine the emotions, the sensations, the energy that is present in this imaginary scene. That energy is, at its essence, positive orgone energy. 

Positive orgone energy is abundant in the pristine landscapes of nature; near the waterfall we just described, deep in the woodland forest, or amongst the vast mountain range - it is the life-giving energy that renews, restores, & revitalizes. Some would say this energy is synonymous with what Eastern traditions call "chi" or "prana." In other words, positive orgone energy is vital, universal life force energy. 

Willhelm Reich and the discovery of orgone energy

The term "orgone energy" was coined by Dr. Willhelm Reich in the early 1940s. Reich discovered orgone energy through intense study and experimentation. Reich summed up the process of his discovery: 

"The discovery of orgone energy was made through consistent, thorough study of energy functions, first in the realm of the psyche, and later in the realm of biological functioning."
Dr. Willhelm Reich


Through Reich's investigation, he learned that orgone energy exists in three forms: neutral (orgone energy; OR), positive (positive orgone energy; POR After discovering the existence of orgone energy, and negative (deadly orgone energy; DOR). According to Reich, positive and negative orgone energies exist in balance within the universe. While the waterfall scene described above is a source of natural positive orgone energy, other environments, such as near a dump site, may be abundant with negative orgone energy. Rather than promoting growth and healing like its positive counterpart, negative orgone energy is harmful and disorganizing, and can theoretically even be deadly, as the name suggests, to living beings when absorbed in excess amounts. Fortunately, positive orgone energy helps to "undo" the harmful effects of negative orgone, including the many electromagmetic frequencies that are so prevalent in our world today. This is one reason why taking a trip to the mountains, or to one's beloved nature-scape, can be so beneficial. 


Orgone energy accumulation: the beginning of orgone devices

By layering organic (such as crystals or cotton) and inorganic materials (such as metal) together, Reich learned that he could effectually collect, or accumulate positive orgone energy in order to harness its benefical effects.  This discovery led to Reich's creation of "orgone energy accumulators." 

Due to the natural tendency of like orgone to attract like orgone, orgone energy accumulators were designed to pull in positive orgone energy where it would be collected, amplified, and harnessed. This allowed for the rapid accumulation of positive orgone energy, which could then be used to administer high concentrations of healing energy to plants, animals, and humans. 

Not surprisingly, Reich and his orgone discoveries were met with skepticism and criticism, much of which still exists today. Regardless of popular opinion, however, Reich continued to study and experiment with orgone energy. In fact, he eventually built Orgonon, a 280 acre center in Maine dedicated to the study of orgone.

Orgonite & Orgone Energy Creations 

Reich wasn't alone in continuing to study orgone and build positive orgone energy devices; countless people followed and continue to expand Reich's legacy of harnessing positive orgone energy for its beneficial effects on living beings.

Eventually, an Austrian man named Karl Hans Welz made the first modern-day "orgonite" in 1991 by layering organic and inorganic materials in resin. Then, a decade later, a couple by the name of Don and Carol Croft discovered that by adding a quartz crystal to the resin casting, the crystal's piezoelectric properties would amplify the orgonite's beneficial energetic effects. This quickly led to a growing global movement to create and distribute as much orgonite as possible in hopes of creating a positive energetic effect around the world. 

Quartz-containing orgonite is said to generate positive orgone energy, rather than accumulating it. This is a good thing because, theoretically, if an orgone accumulator were to be placed in an area with a high concentration of negative orgone, it would accumulate deadly orgone, which could be extremely harmful to living beings.

The ability to generate positive orgone energy occurs as a result of creation process of orgonite. When resin hardens, it condenses ever so slightly, putting pressure on the quartz crystal contained within. This pressure serves to unleash the crystal's piezoelectric, or positive-energy effect, allowing the orgonite to act like a filter for negative energy while at the same time continuing to generate beneficial positive orgone energy.

"Orgonite" or "orgone energy creation"? 

Though many would argue that nobody can own the exclusive right to use the word "orgonite," Karl Hans Welz trademarked the term in 1996, along with the term "orgone generator." Though this trademark has been highly controversial in the orgone artist community, we at Green Mountain Treasure have decided to use the term "Orgone Energy Creation" in order to avoid any potential legal trouble that may be associated with unauthorized use of trademarked terminology. That said, for all intents and purposes, "orgonite," "orgone generators," and "orgone energy creations" all refer to the same thing: layers of organic and inorganic material, usually containing quartz crystal and metal, cast in resin for the purpose of creating a positive energetic effect. 

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The more positive energy you put out, the more you will attract...  

This is a motto we live by at Green Mountain Treasure. This is why we create our one-of-a-kind orgone energy creations. Each piece is carefully designed with metal to pull in the negative energy (including harmful EMFs) in its surrounding area, along with quartz crystal, which transforms that negative energy into positive orgone energy - the energy that promotes growth, healing, and restoration - so that you can be surrounded by good vibes, always. This creation is more than art; is your own personal source of positive energy!