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One-of-a-kind orgonite pendants

Generate Positive Energy

Although beautiful, our orgonite pendants are more than just a pretty piece of jewelry; each one is carefully designed not only to protect you from the harmful effects of EMFs, electro-smog and other “negative” energies, but also to surround you with a constant source of positive energy.

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Lotus OM T-Shirt Yoga Stamp T-Shirt XL ONLY  Lion’s Eye T-Shirt Tree of Life T-Shirt Buddha Face T-Shirt

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Lifestyle Clothing

Non-restrictive and ultra comfortable festival-inspired clothing that promotes positive movement & stylish self-expression, whether you are at a festival, out on the town, or relaxing at home.

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We are so excited to launch our updated website, along with our new lifestyle clothing collection! We are continually adding new orgonite creations, crystals, clothing, and more! Thank you so much for supporting our small, family owned business - it truly means the world to us! 💚